al Tango with na orchestra

altango z orkiestrąIn 2005, thanks to the cooperation with Warsaw Young Orchestra (Warszawska Orkiestra Młodych) Sinfonia Artis, we prepared the „tanga świata” (tango of the world) programme enriched with a full orchestral sound.

The premiere of the orchestral programme „tanga świata” (tango of the world) took place during a cycle of concerts of al Tango accompanied by Sinfonia Artis in Warsaw in June and July 2005.

On demand of orchestras, the band of solo artists from al Tango will perform the “tanga świata” (tango of the world) concert programme accompanied by an orchestra.

The music proposed by us was welcomed by the public with great enthusiasm. Photos from al Tango concerts with an orchestra: ROYAL ŁAZIENKI and Tango, Tango at the John Paul II MUSEUM.

We invite organizers and sponsors to contact us in order to organize future al Tango concerts with an orchestra!

The following conductors cooperate with al Tango in the “tanga świata” (tango of the world) concert programme with an orchestra: Grzegorz Berniak and Krzysztof Urbański.

We count on interest from chamber and symphonic orchestras, we provide our own original arrangements and promotional materials.

Video with a fragment of a concert of al Tango with an orchestra: el Tango de Roxanne:

Some fragments of archival recordings from concerts of al Tango with the Sinfonia Artis orchestra:

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Счастье моё (Г.Намлегин, Е.РОЗЕНФЕЛЬД, Танг)
El tango de Roxanne/Le tango de Moulin Rouge (M. Mores, B. Luhrmann, C. Pearce, argentine tango)
Ich küsse Ihre Hand, Madame (Ralph Erwin, Fritz Rotter, 1929 – Germany, German tango)
Jesienne tango / Nostalgias (Juan Carlos Cobián, Enrique Cadícamo, Jerzy Jurandot, argentine tango)
La Cumparsita (G.M.Rodriguez, argentine tango)
Pamiętasz była jesień (L.Kaszycki, A. Czekalski, R. Pluciński, Polish tango)
Przytul, uściśnij, pocałuj… (Wiktor Krupiński, Andrzej Włast, Poland – 193?, Polish tango)
Tango Milonga (Jerzy Petersburski, A. Włast; J.Kennedy; Beda, I.Caesar, Poland – 1928)
Taquito militar (M.Mores, Argentina – 1953, argentine milonga)
To ostatnia niedziela (Jerzy Petersburski, Zenon Friedwald, Poland – 1935, Polish tango)

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