česky vecer

The Czech Evening

An extremely funny show which starts with a projection of Czech cartoons (The Mole, Rumcajs, Żwirek and Muchomorek) – the alTango! band improvises the background music in accordance to what is happening on the screen and a hilarious dubbing complements the performance.

The middle of the concert consists of Czech hits from the repertoire of Karel Gott in virtuoso arrangements, sang in Czech. The audience is invited to interact and participate in the fun.

The third part concentrates on the Czech tango pieces among the tangos of the world and consists of Czech, Russian, Polish, Argentinian tangos, and more.

Play Utwór
Cikánka (Karel Vacek, Fritz Löhner – Beda, Czechy – 193?, Czech tango)
Lady Karneval (Karel Svoboda, Czechy – 198?, pop)
Paganini (Karel Svoboda, Karel Gott, 198?, pop)
Sen v nás zůstává (Francesco Sartori, S. Peterson a Z . Borovec, 1997)
Včelka Mája (Karel Svoboda, Zdeněk Rytíř, 198?, pop)

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