al Tango SHOW!

Date: 17.02.2013
Time: 17:00
Location: Dom Kultury Świt
Address: 11 Piotra Wysockiego Street
City: Warsaw, Poland

al Tango SHOW! You are most welcome! At 5 pm

One and a half hours of entertainment guaranteed!

    Tickets (prices: 30 and 35 PLN) are available online and at the ticket office of the Dom Kultury Świt (Świt Cultural Center), 11 Piotra Wysockiego street, Targówek.
The ticket office of the Dom Kultury Świt is open every day from 8 am to 8 pm, it opens a bit later on Saturdays and Sundays. The ticket office and the reservations department telephone number: +48 22 811 01 05

The al TANGO SHOW! with the al Tango band.

Tango and ballet? It is possible. It is addictive!

al Tango SHOW

al Tango! it is a Polish-Argentinain band with years of tradition known widely in Europe. Repertoire: well-known tangos from Argentina, Poland, used in films, with a beautiful dance interpretation: amusing, funny, romantic and moving.

The al Tango SHOW description!

The show is a journey from the 20th to the 21st century. From the classical refined style to the modern and spectacular Tango Show. It is a journey through the feelings of a man and of a woman, which despite the changes and the dynamics still remain intriguing and mysterious. Trailer:

Tango with elements of ballet? It is possible. It is addictive.

In the „al Tango SHOW”, the dynamic choreography prepared by professional dancers closely blends with the expressive music. Polish and Argentinian tangos are performed by a band in a composition typical for tango orchestras but enriched with a percussion section.

The musicians are so good at tango that they even give the Polish classics the dramatic tone à la Buenos Aires .

The solo vocalist, Piotr Rafałko, has no trouble transforming from a frolicsome master of ceremony into a shy admirer or into a lover hurt by the first cause and the main hero of the tango: the Irresistible Woman.

Cast: al Tango band, Piotr Rafałko - vocals

Direction and production of the al Tango SHOW! concert: Paweł Bosky

You will hear, among others, tangos such as:

Szemrane Tango – known from the performances by Jarema Stempowski
Tango Andrusowskie – known from the streets of Warsaw
To ostatnia niedziela – suicide tango
Fryderyk Chopin - Etude in E-major, Op. 10, No. 3
Por Una Cabeza – from Scent of a Woman (a film)
Tango del Amore – cameo role - Michał z Bajora
Libertango - from Frantic and The Tango Lesson (films)
Assassin Tango - from Mr. and Mrs. Smith (a film)
Całuję Twoją dłoń, Madame – from a film having the same title (I kiss your hand, Madame)
Białe Tango – known as a tango performed by al Tango
Tomo y obligo - from Luces de Buenos Aires (a film)
Czy tutaj mieszka panna Agnieszka - from Trójka Hultajska (a film)
Żebyś Ty wiedziała… - tango forbidden by the pope
La Valse d’Amelia – from Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (a film)
and other ones…

al Tango zespół muzycznyal Tango grupa taneczna