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buy al Tango – tango of the world, tango mundial

buy al Tango – tango of the world

in jewel box

1 pcs. = 12 € (S&H worldwide included)

CREDIT CARD: VISA, MASTER CARD, American Express, Discover

Payment (temporary) by check(cheque), wire transfer and Western Union.
for direct wire transfer You can send a money to account:
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IBAN: PL 36 1030 0019 0109 8510 0046 9508

In TITLE please describe exact mailing address. And You will receive registered parcel with CD.

Read about “tango of the world“and listen to samples


Especially for resale, wholesale:

10 CDs pack= 60€ (S&H worldwide included) /1pcs. =6 €

30 CDs pack= 130€ (S&H worldwide included) /1pcs. =4.33 €

Buying 10 or 30 CDs pack you will receive 10 posters of al Tango in choosen language English, German, Castellano, Polish or other as You wish.

To buy al Tango – “tango of the world” as above please order by mail:
contact al Tango

soon mp3 192 kb/s 1pcs = 1 € (worldwide)

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