CD Tango of the World

okladka The cd album “tango of the world” explores one musical genre: tango, and is trying to prove the thesis that “tango… is not Argentinian”.
Piotr Rafalko, vocalist of the band, performs tango pieces in twelve languages: Polish, Castellano (ríoplatense), Russian, German, Turkish, French, Finnish, Jewish, Slovakian, Romanian, Italian and Czech. Neverthless, all tango lyrics on “tango of the world” tell stories about various shades of love.

Musicians performing on the album “tango of the world” of al Tango band:
Piotr Rafałko – vocal
Marcin Markowicz – violin
Jarosław Kutera – accordeon
Marcin Maciejewski – double bass
Robert Morawski – piano

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Book Syrena Records Tomasz Lerski

ksiazka syrena records About the size of work done by the author and richness of the issues raised in the number of witness: item of almost 1000 pages, for the years 1908-1939 discography includes more than 14 000 titles, biographical dictionary consists of 900 entries, of which 436 are published for the first time. The work complements the rich iconography (1000 figure). The book has received many awards and distinctions, including the award-winning president of the City of Warsaw granted ex aequo, “Powstaniem’44” Norman Davies. Monograph Record Label Siren is a great guide to the history of tango in Poland and the introduction of various species in the history of music – not just entertainment – in our country, from folk music to opera.

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