Technical Rider

technical rider

Dynamic microphones/ or condenser microphones with tripods, the quantity of vocal microphones (the minimum of 6 Shure sm58 or Shure beta 58A) adapted to the composition of the performing band. For the accordion, the bandoneón and the piano*, two microphones for each.

Equipment (power of the amplification and the speaker set) adapted to the size of the stage.

Power-mixer with effects (reverberation 2x for the monitors and to the front, compressor, equalizer) or a mixer and an amplifier separately.

Monitors for each of the musicians.
A minimum of three (3) monitor auxiliary channels.

A stable chair without armrests (accordionist) and one double bass chair (double bass player), a piano stool (pianist).

230V sockets on the stage (lighting of the music stands).

Stage lighting (spot) directed at the vocalist in order to illuminate him (ATTENTION: the light cannot be coming from an angle from the top).


A wardrobe (a place to safely store the group’s equipment)
Beverages in the wardrobe: coffee, tea, water, etc.

*Piano – tuned to 441-442 Hz

A possibility to carry out a sound check minimum 2 hours before the concert

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